Beginning construction in 2023.
Ending construction 2025.
Offering apartments starting from 45m².
Luxury apartments in the centre of Portimão, Algarve. Within a 10 minute walk to the beach.
Rua Portas Da Serra 11-15, Portimão.

A Luxury apartment building in historical and cultural centre of Portimão, a city well know for it's warm beaches, fishing and tourist attractions.

High, European level of health care and education.

Offering apartments starting from 45m².

T0, T1, T2, T3.

Check the plans of the future apartments.
Why Portimão?
Portimão is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Algarve because of it's clean beaches, fresh seafood and it's advantageous position right in the centre of Algarve

  • Excellent location.

    The position of the apartments are like the centre of the world, you're close to everything and getting anywhere is extremley easy.

  • An all-year round tourist attraction.
    A city well-know for it's attraction of tourists.
  • A Historical city of Algarve.
    A city with a rich history dating back to the 11th Century.
  • Easy to rent.
    Opportunity to receive rental income of 2500 euros per month for 8 months a year.

  • Capital growth.
    The cost of apartments is constantly increasing.
  • Best healthcare in Portugal.
    Portimão has one of the best healthcare systems in Portugal and Europe, with world-class hospitals.
About Portimão.
The star of Portuguese travelling.

The port city of Portimão is one of the best beach destinations in the Algarve, with beautiful balmy weather and pristine golden praias (seasides)

Calm town.
The remarkable thing about Portimão is how ordinary it is, this is a typical Portuguese working town with a municipal market, pedestrianised shopping streets and quiet squares with amazing restaurants and viewing platforms.
A global platform for international events.
Portimão is a global platform for many international events such as the "Le Mans" series race, MOTO GP as well as Formula 1 races which are hosted regularly in Portimão.
Marina of Portimão
Portimão has one of the biggest sailing clubs of Portugal with one of the safest marinas in Rio Arade which many international professional teams seek to make their official base in.
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