Beginning construction in 2022.
We pay 4% per year until the end of construction works.
Offering apartments starting from 42m².
Luxury apartments with river view in Porto,Vila Nova de Gaia, on the construction stage.
Rua das Carvalhosa, nº 62, Vila Nova de Gaia

An apartment building in Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, a region know for it's wine making facilities, beaches and tradition, all within the reach of Porto city centre.

Offering apartments starting from 42m²+ (T2)

Why choose Vila Nova de Gaia?
Gaia is one of the best places to live in the city of Porto, here's why:

Convenient location:

The apartments are located in centre of Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the bridge from the centre of Porto, which makes it easily accessible for any types of transport to all types of attractions you can find.

A highly-touristic area
A city well-know for it's attraction of tourists.
A historical part of Porto
Gaia is a very antique part of the city of Porto, one of the only places in the city you an see authentic landscape of the ancient city.
Capital growth.
The cost of the apartments is constantly increasing.
About Vila Nova de Gaia.
The place where Port wine originates from.
Centre of Porto

The apartments in Vila Nova de Gaia are located in the very centre of Porto, with the view of the river, it is one of the most procured areas of the city, with many world-wide known brands having a branch here, in Gaia.

The place of production.
Due to it's valuable position on the river Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia is a place where historically alot of things are produced, among them is the well-known Port wine, the wine cellars in this area date back to the 18th Century, and the wine produced here can be seen all around the world.
A historical place for events
V.N Gaia has been known to host various international events, from rally races to air shows, everything is here.
A cruise area
V.N de Gaia is a highly touristic place, with visitors from all around the world, it's a place where many cruises of the rio Douro take place.
A place to rest
And finally, Vila Nova de Gaia is just a place to rest your soul while overwatching the city of Porto, from a calm island found in the middle of a restless city in movement.
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